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Who we are.





In 1960, concerned friends and families of the developmentally disabled in Kay County wanted for their children exactly what everyone wants for their children - the ability to grow up, to be successful, and to “live life to the fullest.” Using preferred education models for the developmentally disabled, these family members and community leaders began a school dedicated to the developmentally disabled children in Kay County reaching their potential. The children grew and flourished.  When education models changed nationally, the organization adapted and continued to serve the disabled with additional programs and services. In 1983, the organization expanded the mission to include residential programs and enhanced the existing vocational programs.

Today, the Center has over 50 individuals working in a workshop, group employment, or employment

consulting. About one third of these individuals participate in the residential program. They live in

group homes, community living homes, or in the community group homes.  The Center also

provides therapy services to over 50 children in our community.



Empowering exceptional citizens and their families.

The State of Oklahoma continues to cut funding to DHS, which only provides the bare necessities, which means our clients will no longer have much needed financial support to continue receiving the care and services they need and deserve.  Your financial support will ensure that no client will lose their home or their job.

Every single cent is needed, no matter the amount and contributes directly to our clients and their individual needs.

The Opportunity Center, inc, is constantly working to better provide for our clients needs, enrichment, learning and development and all quality of life.

Feel free to check out projects we are currently working on or towards and if you wish to help support a specific project YOU will be directly responsible for helping us achieve this goal! 

Want to keep up with us and our clients in our daily routines? Why not sponsor monthly, a house of your choosing or our Adult Day Program and receive updates and pictures of how YOUR monthly sponsorship is directly making a difference to the lives of our clients. 


The Opportunity Center Board of Directors governs the Opportunity Center programs. The Board oversees both the vocational and the residential programs available to those with developmental disabilities in Kay County. Meeting monthly, policies governing the programs are reviewed ensuring the best possible programs are offered to the clients.  This board also operates one of our two thrift shops in Kay County.

The Kay County Council for the Opportunity Center owns and governs the property utilized by the Opportunity Center. The Council is also the fund-raising and marketing arm of the Opportunity Center. The Council holds an Annual Sponsorship Drive to support the property and hosts the, “Princess for a Night” Father-Daughter Dance fund-raising event for capital projects. The Council also operates one of our two thrift shops in Kay County.

The Opportunity Center Foundation Board of Directors oversees the perpetual funding stream, The Opportunity Center Foundation. Established in 1963 the Foundation provides annual operation monies to the Center. The Cherokee Strip Golf Classic, memorials, and estate gifts provide financial support to the Foundation.


Julie Grigsba, Executive Director |

Kelly Marshall, Director of Programs & Services |

Ashley Villines, Director of Vocational Services |

Angela Spicer, Director of Residential Services

Rob Bays, Director of Buildings & Grounds |

Cortney Burns, Director of Business |

Lacie Young, Human Resources Director |

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