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Where we live.


A group home as identified by the State of Oklahoma offers living arrangements for 6 to 12 people who share a home and receive up to 23 hours per day of supervision, support, and training in daily living. Group Home residents are 18 years of age or older and are provided community living services. The Opportunity Center owns 4 group homes. For each client the goal is to work toward living as independently as possible.

The Mertz Family Village home is on the campus of the Land of Opportunity. The Village is home to 7 individuals with developmental disabilities. It is a private pay home where individuals without state benefits may live. Each individual has the freedom to decorate his or her room and bring furniture to make it homelike.

The Village Home has a large kitchen where residents help cook meals and eat in a family setting. The Opportunity Center has available to the community a respite room in the Village home. Local philanthropists Mr. & Mrs. Don Mertz and Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Mertz gave the Mertz Family Village home to the Opportunity Center.

Crabtree Peel Home is also located on the Opportunity Center Campus.  It houses 6 individuals.  This group home was built with the thought that our clients are aging. It has an open floor plan so that no matter where in the living area a client may be they are in eye sight of the staff.  This allows staff to assist them easily if needed. This home has 6 private bedrooms, each with its own private bath.

The Prospect Home is coed and is home to six individuals who are actively involved in living independently. It is located in the community near banks, retail shopping, and grocery stores. Recently a client living at Prospect demonstrated adequate responsibility and skills to move from the group home to his own apartment. It was a time of celebration for this client and a feather in the cap of the house managers who helped make independent living possible for this client.

Greenbriar Home is located in the community. Scheduling laundry day, cooking, and cleaning are part of the everyday routine. Greenbriar is a co-ed home where six individuals live. The family unit plans their own social outings and activities.



In a community living home, one to three individuals live in a home of their choice in the community. Opportunity Center clients rent the homes and live just as other individuals in the community do. We currently provide support to clients living in 2 homes.



To ensure individuals received necessary support as they waited for services, the State of Oklahoma created the In-Home Supports Waiver in 1999. This funding stream allows individuals and families to select services necessary for each individual to remain in his or her own home or in the family home. Case managers assist the client in locating, securing, and coordinating needed service. Both children between the ages of 3 and 17 and eligible adults over 18 may receive this service. This is not a cash payment program but participating organizations are reimbursed for services provided. The Opportunity Center is a participating organization and serves individuals under the In-Home Supports Waiver.



The Community Group Home is the newest residence added to the Opportunity Center's list of services. As individuals at the Center began to age, it became apparent to the Board of Directors that another residential program was necessary to serve those with aging issues as well as those with severe and profound handicaps. The Kay County Council and the Opportunity Center Board agreed to build and operate the Community Group Home. This Group Home houses 6 individuals who need around the clock assistance. The design of the Community Group Home is to allow the staff to give quality care while allowing each resident to have privacy of their personal bedroom and bathroom. The open floor design assist staffs to ensure all residents are safe.

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