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Sponsor a group home or our adult day center, to help support, enrich and grow our programs to help our clients thrive in their environment. In doing this you will receive a monthly update of your chosen sponsor so you can see the smiles and happiness YOU have helped bring to our clients faces!

Adult Day Center

The Adult Day Center is a day program provided by the Opportunity Center 5 days a week.  This resource is critical for our community as our great team teach our clients life skills, social skills and skills to help them find, keep and succeed in a job of their own. 

We currently have 18 clients attending the Adult Day Center. 

This program takes a lot of resources funded solely by the Opportunity center via donations. 

Sponsor the Adult Day Center monthly to help ensure our clients have all that they need to continue with their learning, and receive a monthly email showing you just what your donation has helped them achieve! 

Group Homes

The Opportunity Center currently provides housing for 25 individuals throughout 5 different properties. 

These homes provide each client their own private bedrooms, bathrooms and a large common area.

These houses each are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year with dedicated, loving individuals who ensure our clients receive the care they need as well as enrichment, learning and fun! 

As you can imagine the work done in the houses with our clients uses a lot of resources. 

When sponsoring a group home, you will receive a monthly email to show you just how much your donations are helping to improve and enrich our clients lives and the activities they were able to part take in, all be cause of your sponsorship!


Our boards are comprised of loving, giving and generous individuals with hearts for the developmentally disabled.  We work hard together towards a common goal  -- to love and support the clients of Opportunity Center, Inc.  We advocate together to see to the well-being of our clients and to ensure a bright future for the Center.  If you share our passion, we would love to visit with you and help you choose the board that is the right fit for you.  Call us today at 580-765-6782.

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