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Community Integrated Employment is provided on site by an individual worker under the supervision of a job coach. The goal for the client is to become an independent worker for the company. This employment promotes independence and community associations. These services may include unpaid work experience, job sampling, and training through trade schools, Vo-Techs, and other community groups.

Do you run a local business and feel like you have room on your team for a client? contact us today to see how you can get involved!



Group Employment is a group of employees who work in the community. A job coach oversees the employees. For 20+ years, a group of clients has worked as an enclave at Lindsay Manufacturing. An enclave is no greater than eight people working at one job site. Job activities may include job sharing in order to complete a task. Winston Lindsay, President of Lindsay Manufacturing, says that this group of employees is anxious to please, love their job, and have a very low rate of absenteeism.

Other group employment opportunities include the Village Lawn Crew which is available to mow lawns at private homes and at businesses in the community. The Village Cleaning Crew is hired by local businesses and churches to clean during both business hours and after hours. The Village Road Crew is contracted by the state of Oklahoma to clean up the trash on Interstate 35 from the Kansas state line to Perry Oklahoma.

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